How to Set Remote Site Settings

If you are experiencing publishing errors, please ensure that your remote site settings are set to "active"

When Formstack for Salesforce is installed in your Salesforce environment, you are asked to approve the following third-party access. This third party access is required for Formstack for Salesforce to function properly.


If somehow these settings have not been pushed to your Salesforce instance, they can be added manually. Below, we will review how you can add the Remote Site Settings if needed.





Modifying the Remote Site Settings


Start by navigating to Setup > Remote Site Settings. Once here, you should have the following four Remote Site URLs set up. Ensure the Remote Site URL matches what is listed below.



Creating a Remote Site for a Production Environment


After you click New Remote Site, you will find yourself on a page to add a New Remote site


  1. In the field marked "Remote Site Name"  add any name
  2. In the field marked "Remote Site URL" add
  3. Repeat this process for the following URLs:
  1. Save and return to Formstack

Troubleshooting Remote Site Settings errors on your Formstack Dashboard

In addition to confirming that all of the above remote site settings are present and active in your Salesforce org, the Formstack for Salesforce application may also return Remote Site Settings errors if you have exceeded your daily API call limit.

Please consult with your Salesforce Admin to ensure that your organization has the API limit in place to support the Formstack Application. 

Creating a Remote Site for a Sandbox Environment

If you are adding a Remote Sites in a Sandbox, instead of, add the following URL:

Additionally, please add the following Remote Site in a Sandbox.

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