Authentication Failure Notices

If you receive an "Authentication Failure" message, this generally means we have identified an issue in your Account and/or something has changed in the authentication settings requiring a reset.  When this occurs, if we are unable to reconnect or if the attempt is unsuccessful, you will receive an error message.  To rectify this issue, please have your organization's licensed Formstack user perform the following steps:


1. Log into Salesforce.  If you do not have access to Formstack, please inform your Salesforce administrator of the authentication issue and/or to request access.

2. Click Setup next to your username near the top of the page

3. Under Build, expand Develop, then click Custom Settings

4. Click 'Manage' next to 'Formstack Token Information'

5. Click 'Edit'

6. Check the 'Reset Refresh Token' checkbox. No additional steps or action needed here.

7. Click Save

8. Publish a change to an existing form or a new form.  This is the most crucial step in the re-authentication process.  You will want to go into any published form, edit any portion of the form, and save/re-publish those changes.  This will be the final trigger to re-authenticate the Account and Form.


Once these steps have been taken, you should be able to test the account by submitting data to any form.  If you continue to experience Authentication Failure messages, thereafter, please contact our Support Team for additional troubleshooting.



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