Text Fields: Using HTML on Your Form to Format Text and Add Hyperlinks

Do you want to add a hyperlink to your form? Or maybe you want to add general text, explaining the purpose of the form you are building? With our Text Field option, you can achieve the above and so much more, as our Text field option is an easy way to add HTML to achieve great results with your form.


Adding a Text Field

While you are in the form builder, towards the right-hand side there is a section called "General Fields." Under here, select the option Text and either double-click on the field or drag and drop the field onto your form.




As a first glance, it might not appear you can add anything to the Text field-- but no fear! Double click on the label where it says "Text." From here, you can type any text you'd like to add to your form.



Customizing Your Text With HTML

What if you want to bold or italicize the text you've added? Or maybe you want to add a hyperlink? Either way, with HTML you can write code to achieve the above.


Not familiar with HTML? No fear, there are a number of websites that allow you to format the text you need that will automatically display the HTML code on the right.



Then, all you need to do is copy and paste this HTML into your Text field, click out of them and voila! Your formatted text will appear on your form.

Adding a Hyperlink


Want to add a hyperlink? Using the site above, we'll just want to add a URL to our text. You can do that by clicking on the symbol that looks like a chain or an infinity symbol.


Insert the URL of the website you would like to hyperlink.




The HTML code including the hyperlinked text will appear on the right. 


Copy this code onto your Text field, click out of the field and Publish your form.


Now you have a hyperlinked form! If one hovers over the Text, they can see the URL of the website towards the bottom of the browser.




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