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As you may have noticed, Formstack for Salesforce has been tidying up and removing references to the previous branding. One area where you will see these impacts is to your Form URLs.


On June 4th, 2018, the 'visualantidote.com' domain will be removed from form use.  Any forms embedded using 'fastforms.visualantidote.com' or active links referencing 'fastfor.ms', will need to updated or swapped out to the new version, on or before June 4th, 2018.


What will be impacted by these changes?


1. Existing hosted forms will redirect to formstack.io/[formid] and continue to operate normally.

2. Pre-fill URLs will be unaffected

3. New embed codes will reference formstack.io instead of fastforms.visualantidote.com

4. If you reference a 'fastfor.ms' hosted link (i.e. in Email campaigns, on your website, etc.), you will need to update this to 'formstack.io'.

5. If you have an embedded form referencing a 'fastforms.visualantidote.com' link, you will need to re-embed your form using the new URL version (sfapi.formstack.io).


We are encouraging our users to re-publish existing forms and replace old references to fastfor.ms and old embed code with the newly generated domains that reference formstack.io.


Republishing existing forms

If you have forms or references to the previous domain version and need to update these, please follow the steps below:


1. Navigate to your Formstack for Salesforce Account.

2. Find the form(s) in question and click the 'Publish Options' button.

3. Embedded Forms: click the 'Embed Code' tab to copy/paste the form code into your site.

4. Hosted Forms: For referenced links (i.e. in Email campaigns, on your website, etc.), click the 'Hosted Forms' tab and copy this new link.  Wherever you have the 'fastfor.ms' hosted link referenced, replace this with the new, copied URL.


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