Version 3.53 Release Notes

  • New Feature: Community Record List Prefill!


  • Fixed issue that prevented migration of forms between Salesforce orgs.
  • Various stability fixes for NativeCloud Community forms
  • Fixed issue where special characters were shown in Date fields of e-signatures.
  • Fixed issues related to some special characters in picklists.
  • Various stability issues to remote site setting creation.
  • Fixed “Bad Message 431” issues when accessing the application.
  • Various fixes to e-signature alert emails.
  • Validation enabled on payment email alert fields.
  • Fixed issues where payment email confirmation alert is saved but not visible in UI.
  • Fixed issue with Send By Email functionality.
  • Fixed special characters issue in Edit Rules tab on IE
  • Fixed issues where some fields were not saving in draft forms.
  • Fixed issue with save-for-later and rules not working well together.
  • Fixed issue where rules were not saving Text Area.
  • Fixed issue where some picklist values prevent submission into Salesforce.


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