Formstack offers the ability to collect electronic signatures directly in your form. This feature is great for several different use cases, including:

  • Waiver & consent forms
  • Sign up forms with payment
  • Financial or medical record disclosure forms
  • Event registration

Requiring a signature for your form is simple - click on the 'General Fields' section at the right of the form editor page, then drag a Signature field wherever you'd like in your form. You can add more than one signature field if you'd like, and you can place the field in any section or page you want.



Signature Field Settings


To modify the Settings of your Signature field,hovern over the field and click the chevron towards the right.

Please note that while signature fields are automatically required when added to your form, you can use conditional logic to hide the fields. Hidden signature fields will remove the required aspect of the field. Hiding this field in your Rules page will allow users to conditionally submit the form without a signature.



Signature Settings


There are a few options available to you for collecting signatures in your form.

Signature type

Here, you can choose to collect a full name or simply initials.


Signature options:

This option allows you to define whether you want your users to be able to simply type their name or initials to sign the form or if you'd prefer them to draw their signature or initials with their mouse instead.


If your users are more likely to use touchscreen devices, we recommend using the drawn option, otherwise, you can collect typed signatures instead. You can also choose to have the user decide between either input method.


Signature label

The label of the signed name or initials field in your form.


Include date

Checking this box will ensure that the user also enters the appropriate date when signing your form. When using a drawn signature type, the user will be required to sign the date. With types signatures, the user can select the date from a popup calendar provided.


Date label:

The label of the signed date field in your form.


Include Email Verification:

Check this box if you want to include an email verification process as part of your form submission. See the Verifying Email Addresses section below for more details.


Show 'I agree' checkbox:

Use this option to require your users to check a box denoting acceptance of an agreement or of legal statements. Checking this box will display a textbox allowing you to customize the text being accepted.



PDF Copy

Once you add a signature field to your form, Formstack will automatically capture a PDF copy of each form submission and attach it as a file attachment to your form's primary object. Within that PDF copy will be the user's signature representation. This PDF is your record of your form being signed.


You can also choose to have the PDF emailed to you automatically upon submission as well. You can find this option under Form Settings near the top of the Form Editor page.


Verifying Email Addresses

Formstack's email verification feature allows you to enhance your form's signature fields with an additional email verification process. This allows you to assert the identity of your form submitters by verifying the ownership of their email address. Enabling email verification allows you to further ensure the identity of the person entering their details into your form.


Enabling Email Verification for your signature fields will make an EMail Address field available and required in your form. Users filling out your form will need to enter a valid email address into this field before submitting the form. Once a valid email address is provided and the form is submitted, the user is sent an automated email asking them to verify the ownership of that email address by clicking on a link. Once the user clicks that link in their email, their address is successfully verified and they will receive a PDF copy of the signed form in their email.


There are a few items to note when enabling email verification for your signature fields:

  • You as the form administrator will not have a PDF copy of the form available until the user has verified their email address. Once the user does verify their email address, a PDF copy of the signed form will be available as an attachment to your form's primary object record. You can also choose to have the PDF emailed to you in your form's Form Settings area.
  • Salesforce records will be created/updated immediately upon submission, regardless of the email verification status of the submission.
  • The PDF copy of a submitted form with email verification enabled will include a page detailing the history of the email verification process, including date, time and location of submission, request email and email verification. The user that submitted the form will also receive this same PDF via email.
  • You can review the email verification status of a form submission at any time in the Form Submissions dashboard. Simply go to the Submission Dashboard tab in Salesforce and click on the submission you'd like to verify.


Submission Detail Page

The submission details page has a number of different options available for you to review your submission email verification status:


Resend button:

Use this button to resend the email address verification email to your form submitter. Clicking this button will open an area allowing you to define the body of the email, as well as show a log of the submission and verification process for this submission so far.


View Log button

Clicking this button will show a log of the submission and verification process for this submission so far.


Insert Verification Link

Use this link to add the email verification link into your message body wherever you'd like. The user will click on this link to verify their email address.


Email Body

Use this area to customize the re-sent email address verification email you are sending to your form submitter. A default template is provided, but you can customize this template as needed.


E-Signature Activity Log

This log lists all of the events that have been recorded for this submission, from initial form completion all the way to successful verification, and the dates and times of each event.


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