Building a Survey

Surveys are a great way to capture customer feedback and insights to help your business improve. Formstack has some great features available to help you build some beautiful surveys and questionnaires.

First Steps Prior to Building Your Form


Let’s put together a simple feedback survey that we can send to our clients a few days after they’ve completed a grooming appointment.


Before building your form, you'll want to keep in mind where you want to store your survey results in Salesforce. Some like to use an existing object like Case, while others create a custom object. For this demonstration, we will use a custom object called Service Feedback.


On the Service Feedback object, I added some fields like a picklist to denote the types of services the client received, the date of service as a date field, and a few numeric fields to capture our clients’ ratings for things like customer service, pricing, and satisfaction.




Building Your Survey Form

Now that I've added my Service Feedback object to my form, I can see the fields I created on the right side panel. First, I'll want to drag and drop those fields onto my form.


The fields we’ve got here aren’t exactly easy to fill out - for our rating fields, our users would have to type numeric values, which isn’t really obvious. Our multi-select picklist requires our users to hold down the control key and then click to make their selections. Let’s display these fields in some different ways to make it easier for our customers.



Changing the Display of Picklists

For single-select picklists, we can leverage other input types like searchable picklists for larger number of values or radio button lists laid out either horizontally or vertically. Radio button lists are great as they only require one click to fill in. Let’s set our New or Existing Client picklist as a vertical radio button list.


Changing the Display of Multi-Select Picklists

Multi-select picklists also have some flexibility as well. We can choose to display these as multi-select tag lists, which give the user the ability to see the items they’ve selected as tags, as well as horizontal or vertical checkbox lists. Let’s take our Type of Service multi-select picklist and display it as a horizontal checkbox list.




Adding a Net Promoter Score Field


Let’s move onto our rating fields now. Ideally, we want the user to select a numeric value on a scale of 0-10. Rather than asking the user to enter that value, let’s set these fields to display as a Net Promoter Score field, which gives you a set of horizontal radio buttons on a scale of 0-10. We have the option here of labeling the minimum, maximum and middle values of our rating scale as well. Let’s set these as ‘disagree’, ‘agree’ and ‘neutral’.





Adding a Star Rating System

We can also choose our field to display with a Star Rating system. Set the number of stars as needed in the "No. of Stars" section.


Changing the Labels of Fields

Lastly, let's change the phrasing of our labels so they resemble questions. Double click on the label of any question and a checkbox will appear. Type the question for each field as needed. When finished, click out of the checkbox.


Publishing Your Form

After you have finished building your form, click the Publish button. Now our survey is ready to get mailed out!




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