Getting Started with Community Forms

With Formstack's Community Forms, you can easily connect with and collect information from your Salesforce Community members-- all while native in Salesforce! To get started on building a Community Form, click the "Create Community Form" button on your dashboard. 


Creating Your Community Form

Once you have clicked this button, you'll be prompted to enter information for three areas: Form Name, Primary Object and unique to the Community Form-- Record Owner.


Let's dive into which Setting the record owner means, but if needed, you can review how to choose a Primary Object in our Getting Started with Formstack for Salesforce article. For this form, we're going to choose Contact as our Primary Object and Case as our Child Object so our users can update their Contact information and create cases for the team to review.


Setting the Record Owner

With Formstack for Salesforce, form submissions either create a new record or edit an existing Salesforce record for a particular object. All Salesforce records require an Owner. In Salesforce, record ownership can tell us who is accountable for the viewing and editing of a record for an object. 

Since we are allowing our Community users to directly create and/or edit Salesforce records, you can decide if you would prefer to have your Logged-in Community Users have Ownership of the records, or if you would prefer a Salesforce User in your organization to own the records.



By default, Logged-In User is the option selected, but you can change the Record Owner to Formstack Admin by choosing that option in the drop-down menu. 


Once you have selected your record Owner, you can click the Create button and get started building your form!


Choosing a Salesforce User as a Record Owner who is Not the Form Admin

One last note, if you would prefer a different Salesforce User who is not your Formstack Admin to own the record, you can achieve this! In the form builder, you can add the Owner field to the form, make it hidden and set a default value.


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