Embed a Community Form Within a Salesforce Community

Embedding your Community Form into a Community is easy with Formstack! You no longer need to use Salesforce Visualforce, Apex, or custom code to create a branded form that can be deployed in your community. Below, we will guide you on how you can embed your form in your Community.


Navigating to the Community Builder

Once you have published your form, you'll want to navigate to the Community Builder. To do this, click Home and use the search box to type Communities. Click All Communities. From here, click the Builder next to the Community you would like to edit.




 Embedding Your Form

Once you are in the form builder, you'll want to add the Formstack Component to your form. To add a Component, click the lightning bolt towards the left of the screen. From here, you can type Formstack in the search box to easily find the component.





Click on this Component and drag it onto your form. Once the component has been added, if you click on it towards the right of the screen you will see a box appear. Here, you can select your Community Form to add to your Community. If you have lots of Community Forms, you can type the name of the form to easily find it on the list. Click on the Community Form you would like to use. Then, the form should be automatically added to your Community!‚Äč






Publishing Your Community

Once you are ready to publish your Community, navigate towards the very top right of the builder and click Publish.  You'll then receive confirmation to publish your Community.





Published Community‚Äč

Now, your Community Users can easily use your forms within your Community!


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