Are e-signatures created by the Salesforce App compliant with the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act of 2000?

You can make your form's signatures ESIGN-act compliant by enabling the email verification feature for your form's signature field. This will ensure that the identity of the user filling out your form is verified via email, and a record of the user's signature is recorded in a log for viewing within the generated PDF of your form.

Your form's signature field must also have the 'Show I Agree Checkbox' option enabled and should include text expressly outlining the user's consent to have their signature and location electronically captured.


Is the Salesforce App HIPAA compliant?

Yes! The Salesforce App has a version called NativeCloud, which is 100% built on the platform. With NativeCloud, you can collect all PHI and PII data and this data does not leave your org. This makes NativeCloud HIPAA compliant and we recommend that you sign a BAA with Salesforce.  Please click here to read more about NativeCloud.


Are forms built using the Salesforce App WCAG compliant?

Yes, the Salesforce App has features available to make your forms fully accessible to people with disabilities.

There are some best practices you should keep in mind when designing your form to ensure it is accessible. For example, for images used in your form, be sure to add alternate text in the image field settings with descriptive text about the image. Also, you'll want to make your form labels as descriptive as possible.


See the Web Accessibility Initiative guide to WCAG compliance for more details.

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