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How many forms am I allowed to create?

The free edition of Formstack is limited to the creation of a maximum of two forms. All users on a paid plan can create an unlimited number of forms.


How many submissions are allowed?

Submission limits are per org determined by your plan level. They can be viewed on your production org by navigating to Admin Settings > Usage Information. 


What constitutes a licensed Formstack user for Salesforce?


A user is anyone who needs to create or modify Salesforce forms for your organization. If you have one person on the team responsible for creating or modifying your forms, you'll only need one subscription.


Does it cost more to have Formstack host our forms?

Any paid subscription of Formstack will cover either the embed code or hosted form publishing options.


Do I need my own website to use Formstack?

Not at all! Formstack allows you to publish your form to the web in one of two ways: embed code and hosted form. If you don't have your own website or are unable to access your website for changes, simply use the hosted form option to get an instantly-available link to your form.


I added picklist values to a field in Salesforce, but the values aren't updated in my form! What gives?

You'll need to refresh the field's configuration within Formstack to pull those changes across. To do so, open the field options dropdown for that field, check 'Show Options' next to Advanced Options and click 'Refresh'. This will get the field's latest configuration details from Salesforce.


When a record gets created in Salesforce by a form submission, who is the owner of that record?

By default, all submitted records from forms created in Formstack will be owned by the individual that installed and authorized Formstack for use in your organization. To change ownership of records submitted via a form, simply drag in the 'Owner' field from the list of available fields from your object and select a different default owner in the field options.


Does your tool handle surveys?

Yes! Formstack offers the ability to take any Salesforce numeric value field and display it as a Net Promoter Score rating field or a star rating field with a configurable number of stars. Also available is the ability to represent picklists as checkboxes or radio button lists.


Which features are available in the Formstack Free Edition?

With Formstack free edition, you can create up to two (2) forms to capture data into Salesforce accounts, leads, contacts or cases. Any forms created prior to moving to the free edition will count towards your two-form limit.

The following features will not be available in your forms:

  • Related objects
  • Salesforce lookup fields
  • Prefilled forms
  • Signature fields
  • Flexible form controls
  • Rule editor
  • Style editor
  • Upsert fields
  • Payment fields
  • File uploads
  • Send By Email publishing option
  • Export Links publishing option

Any of the above features that were added to your forms prior to moving to the free edition of Formstack will no longer be available in your forms.


How is the Formstack for Salesforce App different than the Salesforce integration Formstack offers?


The integration available on Formstack's Platinum plan allows you to build forms in Formstack then connect them to your Salesforce Enterprise instance to create/update records in Salesforce in addition to the submission data being stored directly within Formstack. The Formstack for Salesforce native application on the AppExchange allows users on any edition to build forms while logged into Salesforce. This lets you seamlessly connect to multiple Salesforce objects at one time. You can also use information already stored in Salesforce to prefill forms and keep data clean. If your form data will be 100% tied to Salesforce, the app is a quicker, easier way to get your data into Salesforce. More details can be found in our Comparative Guide.



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