Refreshing Your Security Token

Sometimes, you may need to refresh your Formstack Security Token in order to get the app to work properly. Usually, an email will be sent to the Primary User of Formstack notifying you to refresh the token. Below, you can follow steps to get your token refreshed and the app running properly. 

Refreshing Your Security Token

Logging in to Salesforce and Navigating to Formstack

First, you'll want to make sure you are logged into to Salesforce. Navigate to the Formstack app. You should see a red error bar appear on top notifying you of the Security Token issue. Click on Admin Settings.

Admin Settings

Once you are in the Admin Settings, click on the button to Refresh Token.

Note: Only the Primary User can click on this button. If you are not the Primary User, please either assign yourself as the Primary User or reach out to the individual who is designated Primary User. 

Refreshing the Security Token If You Do Not Have Access to Admin Settings

While less common, some users may not have access to the Admin Settings using Formstack for Salesforce and will have to follow different steps to fresh the token. If you are the Primary User and do not see the option to refresh the token listed above, follow the steps below.

Note: The last step of this process is extremely important, so do not forget it!

First Steps

Log into Salesforce and navigate to Setup. 

Custom Settings 

In the Quick Find box, type Custom Settings. Click on Custom Settings underneath Custom Code. Click Manage next to Formstack Token Information. 

 Click Edit.

Check the Reset Refresh Token checkbox and click Save. 


Publishing A Form

Publish any change to an existing form or a new form.

Note: This last step is extremely important.  You must make any change and publish your form in order to properly refresh the token.

Why This Occurs

In addition to your security token simply expiring there are a few areas where changes within your Salesforce org can revoke the Formstack security token.

  • Changing your primary Formstack user
  • Revoking access to Formstack OAuth connection for Formstack Primary UserScreen_Shot_2019-03-12_at_12.06.54_PM.png
  • Modifying access to Formstack app policiesScreen_Shot_2019-03-12_at_12.07.17_PM.png
  • Modifying access to Connected Apps OAuth UsageScreen_Shot_2019-03-12_at_12.07.04_PM.png
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