Form Settings Overview

The Form Settings area is where you can go to set a number of different options for your form as a whole. To access this area, click the Form Settings button towards the top right. Here, you can modify the following features:

  • Form Name
  • Objects
  • Submit Label
  • Post Submission Message or Redirect
  • Save Submissions in the Submission Dashboard
  • Email Notification Upon Error
  • Multi-Page Form Options
  • Displaying Error Messages
  • Save for Later
  • Javascript Code

Below, we will review each of these options and how you can enable/disable them on your form.


Form Name

After initial creation, you can always change the name of the form here.



You can change the Object structure of your form here. Please note, if you delete an Object the fields pertaining to that Object will be removed from your form. To review Object structure, please click this help article here.

Submit Label

Change the text of the Submit Label.


Post Submissions Options

Upon submission, you can choose to either:

  • Customize a thank you message via a confirmation popup
  • Redirect the user to another website

Note: To not redirect to another website, you must remove any texts from the redirect URL even if the option is not selected.



Here, you can specify a particular email address to send a notification when there is an error.

Track Submissions

Choose to save submissions in the Submission Dashboard


PDF Confirmation

Under this section, you can choose to save a PDF copy of your submissions to Salesforce. You also have the additional options of uploading the PDF to your primary object's chatter feed or emailing the PDF to a specified email.



Here you have the option to choose if you'd like to make your form multiple pages. You can add a Navigation Bar and include page numbers or custom prefix for navigation bar items. You can also change the label of the navigation buttons.


Save for Later

Enable the save for later feature here. You also have the option of changing the labels on the Save and Discard buttons.


Form Validation

If your users trigger an error, for example, a formatting error with a field or entering text in a number field, you can choose to display the error message when a user advances to the next page or upon submission.


Javascript Code

For users with a knack for coding, the Javascript Code area allows you to write your own custom Javascript for your form. Review some top Javascript code fixes here!




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