Version 3.30 Release Notes

Check out the release notes for our newest release here.

  • New Feature: Admin Panel Settings enabled for users with “Manage Package Licenses” and "Assign Permission Sets" (limited to Enterprise Plus or site license customers for now)
  • New Feature: New mechanism in Admin Settings Panel to automatically add Remote Site Settings for all org Communities to enable Dynamic Prefill.
  • New Feature: Added original submitter user detail to Community Form submission detail page (maintained after resubmitting).
  • Fixed issue in NativeCloud where hosted forms did not have custom prefix URL set if it was configured.
  • Fixed issue where submission dashboard search did not work in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where radio buttons and checkboxes were not prefilling on Community Forms.
  • Changed the accepted size of TLD from 4 to 63 per rfc1034 to accept longer domain names.
  • Fixed issue that caused authentication token to become marked as invalid.


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