Version 3.49.3 Release Notes

  • Improvement! New line characters in Text Area and Long Text Area fields are counted as 2 lines as a workaround to Salesforce issue (
  • Fixed issue where special characters in pick lists prevented Rules from functioning properly.
  • Fixed stability issues with E-Signature fields and alerts.
  • Fixed issues with Send by Email feature.
  • Fixed permission set issues with NativeCloud Communities.
  • Now enforcing validation on Payment Alert emails. Stability fixes to email alerts.
  • Fixed issue where thank you dialog could not be disabled in form editor.
  • Fixed “Bad Message 431" issue observed by some users on accessing the application.
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud Javascript was being parsed as HTML.
  • Fixed an issue where radio buttons were marked as read-only on NativeCloud forms.
  • New Feature! Resubmit failed submissions automatically when authentication token needs to be reset.
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