System Limitations

As a Salesforce-native application, there are a number of limitations being enforced on created forms in accordance with Salesforce’s security and API usage policies:

  • Formstack uses a minimum of two API calls for each form submission - one for authentication with your organization and one for creating your form's primary object record. The following options will each add an additional API call for each form submission: ​
  • Each secondary object added to your form
  • Each object with one or more of its fields defined as an 'update' field
  • Each form sent by the Send By Email feature with prefill enabled
  • Each pre-filled form submitted from the Export Links feature​
  • File uploads are limited to 25mb in size
  • Any changes to Salesforce fields after the creation of a form may result in data not being pushed to Salesforce.
  • The following limits are placed on form submissions in any 24-hour period:
  • Group/Professional Edition: 5,000
  • Developer edition: 15,000
  • Enterprise edition: 1,000,000
  • Unlimited/Performance edition: Unlimited
  • A maximum of 1,000 emails can be sent using the Send By Email feature in any 24-hour period
  • Some Salesforce editions do not support "Author Apex" permission or the ability to invoke Apex classes in Process Builder. These editions do not support the use of auto-generated prefill links. Generating prefill links in other ways are not impacted. 
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