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🔺 Salesforce lookup fields are limited to showing the first 2,000 records in the configured List View due to a Salesforce API limit. See our feature Salesforce Search to be able results from List Views with more than 2,000 records.


Formstack offers the ability to make Salesforce lookup fields available in your forms. Any of your object’s lookup fields or master-detail fields (if your object is a detail record) are listed in your object’s Available Fields list. These fields are listed as regular fields in the Available Fields list for your object and can be used to expose a lookup field in your form to the public web.


Lookup fields are always hidden and read-only by default, allowing you to define a lookup value to be assigned upon submission of your form. To specify a default value for a lookup field, simply click the edit icon edit icon next to the field in your form canvas and click the lookup lookup icon icon to select a record from the available records in your Salesforce instance.

However, you may in some cases want to make your lookup field available to your end users. To do so, simply uncheck the 'Hide Field' and 'Read-Only' options in the field's settings. Formstack lookup fields work off of your object's existing Salesforce list views, allowing you to decide what records and fields your end users are able to see when selecting a record for your lookup field. To select an existing list view for your lookup field, simply select from the list in the 'Select a List View' option in the field's settings.


We recommend the following best practices when using lookup fields in your form:

  • Lookup fields in your forms will allow for real-time access to your Salesforce records on the public web, so it is important to carefully consider which list view you are making available for your lookup field. Never expose any personal or confidential data in your list views.
  • We recommend creating custom list views for your forms, rather than using existing list views.
  • Lookup fields in your forms will display list view records in a small popup window when activated. As such, we recommend keeping the number of fields in your lookup field's selected list view to a maximum of 3-5 fields.
  • Try to limit the number of records in your lookup field's list view as much as possible. Having too many records will result in slower loading time for your form's lookup field selection popup.
  • The first field in your lookup field's list view should be a field that easily identifies a record, as this field will be the field displayed in the form after a selection is made. For users, this might be an email address or a last name, whereas, for companies, this might be an ID or company name.


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