Commonly Returned Errors

1. Message: "The form you are attempting to use is inactive."

Action: Check to ensure the users form is not set to Inactive on the Form Dashboard



You might see an error like this, on account of a users duplicate rules and matching rules



Some orgs will employ Standard Contact Matching Rules


if your users are finding that their submissions are blocked on account of these rules, they must ensure the criteria that is in place matches the fields on the form that have been set to Update existing Records


For Example, someone matching rule might look like this:



In this case, the user must select "update existing records" on First Name, Last Name, and Email

3. Message: bad value for restricted picklist

Typically we see this error when a user has enabled "Restrict this picklist to the values defined in the value set"


The Quick work around is to uncheck this setting. Otherwise, users will need to add their custom values to the value set.


Other times, the user may be employing record types. If so, check to see what record type their form is creating, then edit the problematic field under the Record type detail page


4. Error message: MULTIPLE_RESULT You have enabled 'Update existing Salesforce record matching this field value' for the following fields

 This occurs when two or more existing Salesforce records meet the criteria to update existing users. Remove the duplicate records, and resubmit.


5. Error message: invalid cross reference id

This error can occur if you have assigned the wrong id to a field.

For example, if you have a contact object that looks up to the account object, and you try to create a new contact and assign an invalid id in the AccountID field of the contact object you will get the error.

6. Publishing errors


Publishing Errors can be very tricky to work with, as there are only a few obvious causes.

The most common conditions that return a publishing error, are when a user's Remote Site Settings are configured incorrectly. See this article:


If the Remote Site Settings are correctly in place, check the form to ensure the User has not created custom input fields with the use of custom HTML. We currently do not support the creating of input fields with custom HTML.



A good way to check is to mouseover the field where normally you would see "From: [Object]"


. On a field that is broken, or should not be on the field, you will not see the "From: [Object] message", and if that field looks like an input field, then it does not belong on the form, and should be removed.


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