Refreshing a Sandbox from Production with NativeCloud Installed

Add as Managed Sandbox

Follow the instructions on Add a Managed Sandbox in order to configure your new sandbox as a managed org. 


NativeCloud Setup

Once the NativeCloud license has been activated, navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Manage Token information


1. Click Edit, and if checked, uncheck "Is Native Setup Done" and then navigate to the application. 


2. Follow the instructions in the on-screen Setup Wizard.



If after having followed the Setup Wizard, you are unable to make submissions, or publish forms, check the following:

1. Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites

Ensure your site is Active:


2. Navigate to Public Access Settings > View Users > Click Site Guest User

Check to ensure the user is active, and has NativeCloud permissions assigned to them:


3. Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Manage Formstack Auth > Edit FormstackNativeApp

Check to Ensure the "Environment" is set to PROD, and the "Instance URL" matches your Salesforce instance URL domain 


4. Ensure the "Site URL" (in FormstackNativeApp) matches your site URL (including path)


5. Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Manage Formstack Site Information

Ensure the "Environment" is set to "Prod" and the "Site URL" matches your Site URL:


6. Navigate to Setup > Permission Sets > Formstack Permissions > Manage Assignments

Ensure that your administrators (anyone who will be building forms) has the Formstack Permission Set Assigned to them. 


7. Navigate to Setup > Remote Site Settings

Ensure that the following Highlighted Remote Sites appear in your list: 




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