Building Your First Form

Welcome to Formstack for Salesforce! This article will serve as a guide to help you get the basic fundamentals of building a form with our app. Once you have installed the app, you'll want to navigate to the Formstack app.


Creating Your Form

Click the Create New Form button towards the top left. This will then prompt you to enter a Form Name, which can type. Then, choose your Primary Object. Here you can see we've selected "Contact" as our primary object. We've made this decision for a few key reasons:

  • We want the submission PDF to be saved to the "Notes and Attachments" related list on the Contact object record
  • We want to publish Auto-Generated Prefill Links on the Contact object records
  • We have several other objects with established relationships to the Contact object.

However, since we also want to create a new Account record and associate the Contact with an Account, we then want to add another object. With this, we will choose Account underneath. Once we have finished choosing our objects, we will then click the blue Create button towards the right.

 Note: If you wanted to have the Auto-Generated Prefill Link or PDF saved to the Account record, we would then make Account the primary object.

Form Basics

We can now see our blank template and a few fields already present on the form. This is because these are the required fields for our objects. Any field on an object that is required by Salesforce will appear automatically on the form and cannot be deleted. 


If we look towards the right side of our Form Builder, we can see our objects Contact and Account. We will select fields to drag onto the form here, by clicking on the blue chevron to the right of each object.


Now we can see a list of our fields. You can add fields to your form in two ways:


1. Clicking on the field and dragging it onto your form

2. Double-clicking on the field. This will automatically add the field towards the bottom.


Either way, you'll want to drag your fields to place them where you would like them to exist on your form.


Searching for Fields 

If your object has a lot of fields, or you do not know what object has the field you need, you can also search for fields by typing the name of the field in the white box above.

You can also search for field types like checkbox or picklist by typing the type of field you are looking for. 

 General Fields

We also offer General Fields that are not associated with a Salesforce object.  You can drag and drop these fields onto your form like any other.

Changing Labels

 Something great about Formstack is that you can change the label of a field without changing the field name in Salesforce. to change the label of a field, double-click on the label. A text box will appear and you can type the desired label.


Changing the Section Title

You can also change the Section TItle of your Form by hovering over the field and clicking the blue chevron next to the field. From here, you can type the name of the Section you would like to add.

 Publishing Your Form

 Once you are done, you can now publish you form and get it ready to take submissions. To learn about publishing your form, check out this article here.

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