Version 3.67 Release Notes


  • Added ability to display error messages in matrix fields.
  • Added ability to use rules to configure a matrix field as read-only/not read-only.
  • Added ability to use Matrix in a repeatable section.
  • No longer allowing repeatable object fields to be dragged outside of repeatable sections.
  • Fixed an issue with payment formula fields where 2 dropdown with similar values did not result in the correct calculation.
  • Fixed an issue removing a secondary object from a form which has a matrix field, only the first field of the matrix is included as affected in the alert message instead of all affected fields.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a related object as repeatable breaks a matrix containing fields from that object.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an object does not remove a matrix which has no fields from other objects.
  • Fixed an issue where long text in the first column of a matrix overflows instead of wrapping around.
  • Design improvements for matrix in Builder.
  • Improvements to matrix creation and navigation in builder.
  • Fixed Save-for-Later in NativeCloud for Matrix fields.
  • Fixed an issue with prefill for matrix fields.
  • Fixed keyboard tab navigation in matrix fields.
  • Fixed an issue with renaming field labels of matrix fields in Builder.
  • Fixed an issue with drag and drop of matrix sections.
  • Fixed issue where changes to a matrix column settings were not saved in builder.
  • Improved ability to add fields to the beginning or end of a matrix.
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