Formstack and Salesforce App Comparative Guide

When selecting your ideal Form configuration, you'll have the ability to choose the Formstack and/or Formstack's Salesforce applications.  Each configuration has a slightly different use-case so we have outlined those differences here to help make a decision that best fits your needs.

Trial Period  14-Days 14-Days
Where to signup Click here! Click here!
Pricing Plans & Pricing Plans & Pricing
Support and Help Portals Click here! Click here!
Supported SFDC Editions Performance, Unlimited, Developer, or Enterprise Performance, Unlimited, Developer or Enterprise, Group, Professional, and
SSL Yes Yes
Data Encryption Yes Yes
Login Authentication Yes Yes, through Salesforce
HIPAA Compliance Yes, click here for more. Yes, click here for more.
Other Compliances 508 Compliant & WCAG WCAG Compliant
Form Customization Yes Yes
Form Themes Yes Yes
CSS Form Styling Yes Yes
Form Embed codes Yes Yes
Custom HTML Yes Yes
Responsive Forms Yes Yes
WebHooks & APIs Yes Yes, using Javascript API
Submission Redirects
Email Confirmations Yes Yes
Discount Codes/Fields Yes No
Calculation Fields Yes No
Save Form & Resume Yes Yes
Multi-Page Forms Yes Yes
E-Signature collection Yes Yes
Form Approvers Yes No
Collect data outside of Salesforce data model Yes

Using General Input Fields. More info here

Drag & Drop Yes Yes
File Upload Fields Yes Salesforce: Files, Chatter, Attachments.
DropBox, AWS S3, Azure, Stash
Collecting data for multiple Salesforce objects Yes Yes
Dynamic Prefill, updating existing Salesforce records No Yes
Portals: Hub for Form sharing Yes No
Conversion Kit, Form analytics Yes No
Workflows for Form collaboration Yes No
Payment Processors PayPal, Stripe,, Chargify, and more. PayPal, Stripe,, iATS, more info here.
Salesforce connection Salesforce Integration Native in Salesforce AppExchange.  Integrates with Sales, Government, Community, and Service Clouds.
Number Integrations 50+ In-App: Files, Payments, Documents. Many more integrations through Salesforce Apps.
Data stored on private servers Yes Yes
Data stored on Salesforce servers Yes Yes
User Permissions Yes Yes
SFDC Login required to build Forms No Yes
Submission Reporting Yes Yes
Submission Chart Reports Yes No

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