Version 3.58 Release Notes

  • Added a warning message visible only to Administrators if a Community form is configured for Record List Prefill but not embedded on a Record Detail page.

  • Added special character support (like "," "." and "-") in rules and merge fields in email bodies.

  • Fixed issue in saved forms where special characters in the selected value of picklist caused that picklist option to be displayed with HTML encoding and the value to not be selected.

  • Fixed issue where commas (,) were not supported in picklist field values in rules and pre-filled forms.

  • Fixed issue where e-signature field was not showing on Submission Preview.

  • Fixed issue in rules where a currency/number field value that contains a comma is treated as a decimal point causing incorrect logic.

  • Fixed issue where some NativeCloud customers were not able to submit Community form submissions.

  • Fixed issue where Lookup fields show no results if underlying ListView uses 'Contains' or 'Not Contains' logic.

  • Fixed issues with picklist and multi-picklist fields to support all special characters. The semi-colon (';') is not supported in the multi-picklist field.

  • Fixed issue where failed submissions with a date field were failing resubmission.

  • The fixed encoding issue in payment field setup where HTML is visible in field list options.

  • Fixed issue where some special characters (like %, &) in a submission caused Submission Preview screen to show blank submission.

  • Fixed Multi-picklist field to use scrollable height in Submission Preview.

  • Now sending CVV to iATS payment gateway API in lowercase to reduce potential issues.

  • Validation for date and datetime fields has been fixed. Invalid input was previously being submitted as null/empty and now show validation message and prevents submission.

  • The "Thank you" message was not showing on embedded forms and is now fixed.

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