Matrix and Rating Scale Fields

Formstack supports adding a Matrix or Rating Scale (also known as Likert Scale) to your forms. Matrix fields are a great field type to use in forms, surveys, and applications. They allow you to ask multiple questions and have users evaluate them against the same criteria. They make it easier for your users to complete your forms and you get better data because of it.



  • Numeric fields can be added to a form and set as a Matrix in field settings.
  • All numeric fields added after the first field is transformed to a Matrix will be automatically added to the matrix to help build long matrices very quickly.
  • Defaults to 5 columns Likert Scale (Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly agree)
  • Supports 2 to 10 columns with customizable labels.
  • Can show or hide all Labels.
  • Answers are automatically weighted based on the position of the column within the matrix field.
  • A Matrix can be added into a Section and shown or hidden through conditional logic using Rules.
  • Reports on responses can be built out using Salesforce native Reports functionality in the Reports tab.
  • Matrix fields can be configured using Rules to populate, show, hide, make read-only or not read-only.


To build a Matrix on your form or survey:

  • Add a numeric type field to your form.
  • Expand this field’s settings and set Display As to Matrix Field
  • Drag new fields into newly displayed Matrix or double-click to add as Matrix fields in this Matrix automatically.

To Add columns or change default column labels:

  • Expand Matrix settings​
  • Set the number of columns to display and configure label text


Current Limitations

  • Non-numeric fields cannot yet be added to a Matrix.
  • Matrix styling needs to be applied using CSS
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