Community User or Users Cannot See Community Form

If you have a user or users who cannot see a Community Form below are some troubleshooting tips you can review to ensure proper access has been granted and the correct settings are in place.


Formstack Community Permission Set

Please ensure your user has been assigned the permission set Formstack Community Permissions. To assign a Permission Set, please review the following article from Salesforce here.

When you first install the Salesforce Application, we do assign the Community Permission post installation and whenever we conduct a new release.

However, between these periods, simply creating a Community User does not automatically grant them this permission set. You can either manually assign this permission set or ask your Salesforce Developer to create an Apex Trigger that automatically assigns this Permission Set.


Ensure Object Permissions

Please ensure that your Community Users have access to all of the Objects and Fields on your Community Form. If you are unsure, you can try creating a custom Permission Set that gives create, edit and read access. If you are unsure how to do this, please reach out to your Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Application Support.


Ensure The Users Are Assigned Supported Community Profiles

We have two Standard Profiles for Community which we do not support, because the setting API Enable is not checked, which are:

  • Customer Community User
  • Customer Community Login User

If you are using these two profiles, you cannot use the Logged-In user context to assign records to users. Only the Admin User Context can be used which assigns Records to the Formstack Admin. If you do still want to use these profiles, please make sure you created a Permission Set to grant access to API Enabled.



Profile Must Have Apex REST Services and Salesforce API enabled

The Community User Profile or Permission Set must have Apex REST Services and API Enabled as enabled features. You can see a screenshot of these settings below.




Formstack Object Sharing Settings Must Have Public Access

The Formstack Objects will need to have Public Read Only access set in Salesforce sharing settings.  This can be done by navigating to Setup > Security > Sharing Settings. 


In order to make our forms available for the community users, we will need to set the Default External Access for some of the Formstack objects to be Public Read Only.

Here are the objects:

Template - Public Read Only
- This is for Classic/Native Community and NativeCloud

Form Page - Public Read Only
- This is for NativeCloud and Community in order to have the Prefill working as well.

Form Style - Public Read Only
- This for Community and NativeCloud.

Submission Draft - Public Read Only
- This is for NativeCloud save for later to load the data after I hit save and open the link.



CSP Issues in Community Forms

Your Community form may not load if you have images embedded or a Stripe payment field. This is because Salesforce prevents access to endpoints outside of the Community. You will need to Add CSP trusted sites for both your org URL and for the Stripe endpoint being blocked. These endpoints are listed in the error or the Community Builder. To make things easier, we have provided a single button in Admin Settings that will automatically add required Trusted Sites.


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