Form Migration Between Salesforce Orgs

The Formstack Salesforce App allows you to move forms between your production and managed sandbox orgs directly from your Form Dashboard.  This feature is available on our Enterprise Plus, Pro and NativeCloud plan levels.

Using Form Migration, you'll be able to do the following: 

  • Configure sandboxes as managed orgs (up to account limit)
  • Bi-directional migration of forms between managed sandboxes and production org
  • Migrate a form as a new copy in destination org
  • Migrate a form as an update to an existing form in destination org
  • Migrate rules (200 rule limit)
  • View release source history of migrated form
  • Approve or discard migrated forms
  • Migrate styles
  • Migrate payment fields
  • View migration errors in destination org
  • Migrate alerts



  • Payment account information and secrets cannot be migrated.
  • Images are not migrated. Migrated forms with images will contain images hosted on the first org they were uploaded. Re-upload image after migration to avoid issues. 


To migrate a form

To get started, Click the Migrate button on the form you would like to migrate.


💡 If you do not have any managed orgs listed, you can configure sandboxes as managed orgs by following the steps in Add a Managed Sandbox article. If you have exceeded the limit of available sandboxes then you can contact sales to request an increase to this limit. 



Validate Destination Org

After clicking Migrate button on a form, you will be introduced by Step 1 of the Form Migration process where you will be able to validate your Destination Org. Your managed orgs will be listed in the org drop-down.


After you have selected your destination org, you will be required to login using your Salesforce credentials for that org. 

💡If the destination org requires security tokens, don't forget to provide the token in the security token field provided.

Now, you will be able to Validate Org by clicking the Validate Org button.

If remote site settings are required to access your destination org they will be added or an error will be shown for you to add them.


Form Migration

With validation successful, you can migrate your form as a new copy with a simple click of the Migrate Forms button. Your form will migrate to the specified destination org, and you will be returned to the Form Dashboard.


If you would like to migrate your form as an update of an existing form in your destination org, then select that option first before clicking Migrate Forms.



Publish Your Migrated Form in the Destination Org

The form should now exist in your new org. Log into the destination org and access the Formstack Salesforce App. Your migrated form will be in the Form Dashboard in Migration Draft ready for you to Publish.

💡 If you receive a migration error, please ensure that the object structure in the destination org is similar to the original org you migrated from.



Your form is now ready to use!


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