Generate Simple PDFs from Successful Form Submissions

The Formstack Salesforce App provides a number of ways to create beautiful documents. Please review the breakdown of each method in the following article

This article describes how to save a PDF copy of your form submissions to Salesforce. This feature is available on all plan levels for the Formstack Salesforce App.

With the PDF generation feature you'll be able to do the following:

  • Save the PDF copy of a submission on the created object record in Salesforce
  • Upload the PDF to Chatter in Salesforce
  • Send a copy of the PDF submission to a specified e-mail address


Generate a PDF copy

To get started, click on the Form Settings while in the Form Editor of your form.



Scroll down to the PDF confirmation options to set the options you would like.



Save a PDF copy of the form submission to Salesforce

If you would like a PDF copy of the form submission to the Salesforce object record created/updated after your users click the submit button, check this option. After the form is successfully submitted, the PDF copy will be saved in Notes and Attachments related list on the Salesforce record.



You have the option to set a Custom File Name to help you stay organized with the submission PDF copies that come through.



You can also use custom formulas to include form field values or Javascript for more customization to your file names.


Upload a PDF copy of the form submission to Chatter in Salesforce

By clicking this option, a PDF copy of the form submission will be uploaded to the object record's Chatter feed in Salesforce.


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