Version 3.89 Release Notes

  • Introduced new warning emails to form admin when payment formulas cannot be successfully executed.
  • Fixed issue where PDF generation may fail if there are broken image or CSS links on form. (does not impact NativeCloud).
  • Fixed issue where signature may not correctly render on generated PDF from a Community form submission.
  • Fixed an issue where a PDF generated from a NativeCloud Community submission does not have the correct content-type and may not render automatically on Chrome. 
  • Fixed issue impacting file uploads on NativeCloud with '&' in filename.
  • Added individual field to specify authentication token when migrating forms.
  • Allow form migration updates into forms that have draft changes in progress.
  • Significant improvement in rules execution on Community forms.
  • Improved rendering and usage of radio buttons within Community forms.
  • Resolved issue where warning about missing remote site setting is shown to new users.
  • Resolved issue where special characters in object names affect form building and rules functionality.
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