Version 3.90 Release Notes


  • New Feature! Rules can now be used to set all payment fields as required, not-required, read-only, not-read-only, hidden or visible. 

  • New Feature! Improved payment formula validation. Added formula validation failure emails to admin and UI to validate payment formula (payments not available in NativeCloud). 

  • Significant improvement in loading speed of Community forms. 
  • Allow form migration to work with more than 20 pages and rules. 
  • Fixed an issue where repeatable child object fields are not being prefilled in NativeCloud.
  • Fixed an issue where upserting into existing records may fail when some images are on a form (NativeCloud). 
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a file into an upload field may set the file on all upload fields. Also enlarged drop-zone to make drag-n-drop easier (not NativeCloud).
  • Fixed an issue where a required file upload field can prevent submission in NativeCloud.
  • Added org id into authentication token error emails.
  • Fixed an issue where a rule using Contains, Starts with, Ends with may not always work. 
  • Fixed an issue where submission preview does not always allow viewing submission data on subsequent pages in a multi-page form.
  • Fixed an issue where a rule to uncheck a checkbox did not always work.
  • Added a link in-app to the Formstack SF App ideas portal.
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