Find Payment Account Details

In order to use your supported payment merchant account with Formstack, we will need to setup your payment field with some information from your payment merchant account. 

Here are instructions for how to collect this information for each supported provider. If you are using a sandbox or test account, you will need to collect that information instead. 


Payment Integration 

Payment Account Details


You will need your Stripe publishable and secret keys to connect to your Stripe account. You can find these by logging into your Stripe account, going into Account Settings, then clicking the API Keys tab.

PayPal Pro

You will need 3 pieces of information from your PayPal account: username, password, and signature.

Log into PayPal, then go to the 'Profile' link under the My Account tab at the top of the page. From there, click on My Selling Tools, then under API Access, click the Update link to the right.

From the API Access page, click View API Signature under Option 2. You should then be provided a username, password, and signature that you will need to connect to Formstack.

­čĺíNote that this username and password is different from your PayPal username and password 

You will need your API Login ID and Transaction Key to connect to your account. You can find these by logging into your account, going to the Account tab, then clicking the API Login ID and Transaction Key option.


You can use your iATS username and password to connect your payment field with your iATS account.


­čĺíPlease ask us if you need a little help finding the right information! 


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