Map Payment Data

Payment fields allow you to send data like billing information to your payment provider and map transaction results from your payment provider back into Salesforce.

💡If you have not already done so, start by creating a form with a configured payment field.


Transaction Results

You can also choose to store the payment transaction ID or recurring payment profile ID back into Salesforce by mapping it into any hidden field on the form. These settings are located in the Payment Settings tab within your payment field settings. Each payment provider supports slightly different types of transaction results that can be mapped back into Salesforce [Page: Collecting Payments]. 

This is a very powerful feature and we highly recommend that you use this - it will help track the completed transaction within Salesforce to make reconciliation of payments an easy task.



💡Remember to set the fields that will capture transaction results as hidden but not read-only if you don’t want them visible on your form. 


After submission, below is what you'll see within your Salesforce record that was created by a submission and payment transaction.



Field Mapping

You can also decide what information gets passed to the payment processor in the Field Mapping tab. There are some required fields here donated with an asterisk (*), such as first name, last name, and email, but you may want to include additional fields, such as billing address info. For each of the fields, you'll simply need to decide which of the form fields has that information to pass to the provider.




🔺As part of fraud prevention efforts, banking institutions are increasing requiring billing address details. While these fields are not explicitly required by the payment processor, we highly recommend that you map billing address information to avoid refused payments or flagging charges for secondary verification or authentication. 


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