Version 3.93 Release Notes

  • New! Stripe payments are now compliant with PSD2 SCA using 3DS
  • Fixed an issue where some URLs could not be merged into Save-for-Later emails (NativeCloud)
  • Fixed an issue where some fields containing 'payment' in name do not appear in Then portion of a rule.
  • Fixed an issue where pages could not be hidden on Community forms.
  • Fixed an issue where selected items in a multi-select firld could not be unchecked from the selected fields list.
  • Fixed an issue where the "required*" styling did not adopt styling of label control in style editor. No longer needs custom CSS to set.
  • Improved appearance of navigation bar by reducing default height and removing bottom border when background is not transparent.
  • Fixed an issue where images could not be conditionally set to show or hide.
  • Improved link styling to be more consistent with style editor settings.
  • Fixed an issue where lookup fields are not available in form builder if the Primary object has multiple lookup fields of same object type.
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