Version 3.97 Release Notes

🎨 Beautiful Forms without code!

  1. We have introduced 12 new modern themes!
  2. New forms will now have default themes automatically instead of having a blank theme. Applies to hosted and embedded forms.
  3. We’ve made tweaks to how we render many form fields so they look better without needing complex javascript or CSS.

🎉Rules for General Fields
We now allow rules to be used to target general fields like Payments, Text, Images, Signatures, File Uploads and Captcha.
Supported actions include show/hide, set required/not-required, populate, set read-only/not-read-only, display error message. This previously required javascript.



  • Fixed an issue where overlay for Salesforce Search or NativeCloud Lookup fields does not inherit CSS from the main form. This change also allows you to target CSS elements in the overlay directly in the form CSS which was not possible before.  
  • Fixed an issue where submissions may fail if a pick list is left blank.
  • Fixed an issue with 'To' and 'From' fields in email alerts when using [[AdminEmail]] merge field. 
  • TDAY() can now be used in filename field to include date of submission in filename.
    Example: TDAY() or {{TDAY()}} results in 10/1/2019. Dates can be concatenated with field values - {{TDAY}} [[Account.Name]] results in 10/1/2019Company.
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