Version 3.98 Release Notes

  • Improved form loading speed for a number of use cases.
  • Fixed an issue in Salesforce Search where columns may appear to be out of order if a lookup field is present in the List View with empty values for some records. The name of the related record is now displayed instead of the record id.
  • Fixed an issue where upsert fails and creates a new record if there is trailing space. Trailing spaces are now trimmed when upserting.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid token emails were being sent incorrectly on resubmission of failed submissions.
  • Fixed various issues observed on forms in IE11.
  • Fixed an issue where the date field was not being preserved when configured in a rule. 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the help/chat icon from appearing in-app.
  • Fixed an issue where redirecting a form on submission then switching back to use a message did not reset the redirect behaviour if the redirect URL was not removed.
  • Fixed an issue where we were inserting a 0 if a number field was left empty or not clearing number field if it was cleared on a prefilled form.
  • Fixed default spacing between buttons as well as popup on save for later forms.
  • Fixed an issue where submissions fail due to "session expired". We will automatically acquire a new access token if the one acquired on initial form load has expired due to configured Salesforce session settings.
  • Required payment fields that are hidden will no longer be set as required to allow submission to go through.
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker does not show on forms embedded using iframe (does not apply to NativeCloud). 
  • Fixed an issue where picklist items were replaced with api names instead of label names when controlled using a field. 
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