Changing Record Owner For Formstack Submissions

You may have noticed that all records submitted by Formstack are owned by the Salesforce user who is the Formstack primary user licensee.  A powerful feature of our product is the ability to assign a Record Owner to your submission.

Add Owner Field to Form


Find the Owner field on the right side of the screen and add it to your form by dragging and dropping the field or double-clicking on it.

Note: If you do not see an owner field in the list for your object please make sure that it is an editable field for the Formstack primary user.

Select Owner Record

Next, modify the Owner field and specify the user ID you would like to be the owner for future submissions.

Modify the Default value field for the Owner field after expanding its configuration options.  


Make sure the owner field is not read-only moving forward to make sure our submissions will write the new owner id to future submissions.

Publish Your Form

You are almost done, the last thing you need to do is publish the form by clicking on the blue 'Publish Draft' button at the top of the builder.


Since your form now contains a lookup field you will need to click on the publish button once more after reading the warning that pops up.

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