Configuring Formstack Documents Integration

The Formstack Salesforce App provides a number of ways to create beautiful documents. Please review the breakdown of each method in the following article

This article describes how to use Formstack Documents with forms through the built-in integration into Formstack Documents.


Formstack Documents (custom document templates)
With Formstack Documents, you can auto-populate professional documents with data from your form submissions to generate printable event tickets, online applications, contracts, employment offer letters, and much more.


What You Can Do

  • Merge data from a form submission into a Formstack Documents template to generate a PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint document.
  • Save the generated document to any of the Salesforce submission records automatically.
  • Generate multiple document merges concurrently from the same submission.
  • Trigger over 40+ integrations for delivering generated documents.


What you need

  • The Formstack Documents integration is available to all Formstack Salesforce App customers.
  • A Formstack Documents account.
  • Formstack Documents authentication credentials
    Access your account page in Formstack Documents and then navigate to the API tab. Create a new set of API credentials.




  • Formstack Documents are not supported on NativeCloud at this time. Please let us know if this feature is important to you.
  • When migrating a form between orgs, Document configurations will not be migrated and must be created and updated in the target org manually.


Get Started

  1. Documents
    Open an existing form for editing and navigate to the Documents tab to create a enw document configuration.


  2.  Credentials
    If this is the first time you are creating a new document configuration you will need to connect to your Formstack Documents account. You will need your API key and secret which can be found in your Formstack Documents account. Follow instructions here to retrieve them. Or access your account API page here.


  3. Name
    Provide a name for your document configuration and make sure to click Next to proceed to the next section.


  4. Create Template
    If you do not have an existing document template created in Formstack Documents you will need to create that first. Review the appropriate support article here for the type of document you would like to generate.


  5. Choose Template

    Once you have a document template to use select it from the list.

    You can also click “Edit in Documents” to make changes to the document template. Click Refresh to reload recently updated templates from Formstack Documents.


  6. Merge Fields
    The merge fields from your document template are listed. Select the form field you would like to map to each document template merge field.


    You can choose to not map a field to send so that no data is sent.

    Make sure to click Next in the top write of the section to proceed to the next step.

  7. Attach
    Choose which object record you would like to save your generated document to.


  8. Save Configuration


Go Further

Array/Loop Field Merge
You can specify if a document template merge field is an array and merge the list of all values of a Repeated Object field.

If you have a repeated section on your form with a “Name” field (Contact object), you can send an array of all Name values so that these values can be iterated over and merged into the document. An example follows.

Formstack Documents template with merge fields and loop:

Contact Info
Firstname : {$contactfirstname}
Lastname: {$contactlastname}

Account Info
Name : {$accountName}
Type : {$accountType}

Single Case Info
Case A Description: {$caseDescription}
Case A Type : {$caseType}

All Related Cases
{foreach from=$RelatedCases item=_row}
Repeated case description: {$_row.caseADescription}
Repeated case type : {$_row.caseAType}

Formstack Salesforce App merge field configuration:


Review the following guide to merge an array of values into a document template using a loop.


Set Up Deliveries
Formstack Documents provides access to many additional delivery methods for your newly generated document if you wish to send it outside of Salesforce. This can include other file storage providers or email.

💡You do not need to set up a delivery into Salesforce since that is part of the Formstack Salesforce App functionality (Attach step).

Browse the full list of delivery options here.
Review the appropriate guide for how to set up a new delivery option for a template.


Manage Documents

You can see a list of documents that will be generated for a given form on the Documents tab within the form editor. Each document configuration can be modified, duplicated or deleted.



💡Things to Note

  • There is no limit to the number of document configurations.
  • Documents are generated concurrently and there is no explicit order in which generation or delivery will occur.
  • Multiple documents can be generated using the same template and do not need to have the same merge field configuration.



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