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AddressComplete is a great tool used to auto-complete your address fields on your form. It will search and populate your fields once you start typing. Below are the steps on how to set it up for the Formstack for Salesforce Application.

1. Go to and click ‘Start Your Free Trial’.

2. Fill out your email and password then click ‘Register’.


3. Once you are at your dashboard click ‘Create New Installation.


4. Enter the URL of your form and continue.

5. Copy and open up the link for the CSS URL and the JavaScript URL.


6. Once you have copied the CSS code, place it in your form on the Advanced CSS Editor on the Edit Style Tab.


7. Do the same with the JavaScript Code in the JavaScript Section under Form Settings.


Make sure you add the code within: function FF_OnAfterRender () {

AddressComplete Code Here


This way the JavaScript will run after the page is loaded. Make sure you re-publish the form.

8. Go back to AddressComplete and check the code on your page. It should say that the code cannot be found on your page. Copy the verification code then click ‘Finish setup on your web page’.


9. Paste in the verification code and press Enter.


10. Test your form and make sure the address fields are auto-populating. Once they are, you’re done!

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