Version 4.18 Release Notes

  • Significant improvements in application and infrastructure security hardening. JQuery and CKEditor libraries have been updated to latest stable versions. There is no impact on functionality but please let us know if you notice any unexpected issues. 
  • Automated deployment and recalculation of sharing settings for guest or site users so that it is no longer required to do so manually.
  • Fixed an issue where signature images are not visible in submission preview.
  • Fixed an issue where no warning is displayed when publishing a form with auto-generated prefill enabled and URL field no longer exists on form.
  • Fixed an issue that can cause a Community form to freeze a browser if a radio button is used in a repeatable section. 
  • Fixed an issue where multiple file uploads on a single form with similar names may be uploaded into Salesforce twice. 
  • Fixed an issue where a picklist would display the API Name instead of the label of the option when a rule populates the picklist on a form multiple times. 
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