Version 4.22 Release Notes

  • Improved matrix field design to accommodate long labels.
  • Fixed an issue where orgs with more than 200K submissions are not able to see new submissions in the submission dashboard. New submissions can now be viewed in the dashboard. 
  • Fixed an issue where some orgs would see a "Previous_Form__share" error on accessing app.
  • Fixed an issue where custom child object fields do not appear in rule editor.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters seen when a file upload field's "Required Message" includes an apostrophe.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented auto-saving in the form builder when a field's "Required Message" includes a special character.
  • Improved performance of dynamic prefill on repeated sections for non-NativeCloud forms.
  • Fixed an edge case with customized post submission events for community forms with file upload that prevented file cleanup.
  • Fixed an issue with PDF generation of submissions with a drawn signature field on NativeCloud forms.
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