Version 4.23 Release Notes

  • New Feature! Dropdown General Field available for use in form, email alerts, rules and submission dashboard. 
  • New Feature! Added API name in form editor for all Salesforce fields as well as HTML identifier for all General Fields (to allow for easier targeting). 
  • Improved performance of prefilled forms with a large number of prefilled related objects. 
  • Fixed an issue where submitted values tab does not show data for forms with a very large number of fields or objects.  
  • Fixed issue where adding special characters in 'Required Message' for the fields was breaking auto save in the form builder.
  • Fixed an issue where "Display Error Message" rule action would not work on child objects.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning NativeCloud permission set would fail for certain user licenses as a result of restrictions introduced in Salesforce Summer '20 release. 


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