Prefill with Default Values

💡First: See this article for a list of all the methods you can use to update or relate to existing Salesforce data with forms


In many cases you may want to pre-determine a static default value for one or more fields in a form. This is supported within the app in each field's settings. 


When to Prefill with Default Field Values? 

The benefit of setting the default value in-app instead of setting in a URL parameter is that you can pass simple URLs to end-users that don’t bring attention to the default value, and so that the default value is managed in a central place (in the Form Editor in-app). 


The other benefit is that for Lookup or Salesforce Search fields, you can search for a record in-app without copying-pasting record IDs that may be error-prone.   


How to Prefill with Default Field Values? 

In the form editor, go to the field you wish to prefill with a default value and open the field settings drawer. You can prefill the field with different types of data.

  • Text: Any static text can be used in text fields.
  • Number: For number fields, you can set the default number and we will convert from text to number automatically before saving to a Salesforce number field. 
  • Dropdown/Radio/Star/NPS: For fields with preset options, you can select the option to set as default value directly.
  • Lookup: For any Lookup fields you can click the magnifying glass to select the actual record and we will retrieve the record id so that you don’t have to copy/paste.

    🔺Note: Default values on lookup fields allow you to set the correct record-type or to change the default record owner (user) for your form submissions. 


💡We also support using predefined custom formulas or JavaScript to set the default value in text fields or filenames



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