Version 4.29 Release Notes

  • Significant improvements to improve screen reader's ability to navigate forms according to W3 Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.1 (
    • All errors include the role=”alert” attribute now, notifying screen readers to read them out loud when they appear.

    • aria-describedby is used in many places to link a button or section with a label or error.

    • setting a field as ‘required’ now also adds the aria-required attribute so that screen readers know the field is required.

    • Placeholder text is also added using the aria-placeholder tag now.

    • File upload fields are tab-selectable and can be interacted with using the spacebar or enter buttons on the keyboard. This includes adding and removing files.

    • The remove file button now includes the filename in its “title” attribute instead of just the word “Remove” so that screen readers properly indicate which file is being removed.

    • Radio buttons and checkboxes were not properly tab-selectable in all browsers and can now be interacted with using spacebar or enter.

    • Radio buttons and checkboxes now include a number of aria tags. The radio button containers use the “role=group” tag to indicate that the radio buttons are in a group together. The radio buttons themselves use the role=”radio” tag to indicate their type. They also use the aria-checked=false/true tag to indicate their checked/unchecked status to screen readers.

    • Signature fields have been updated to use the aria-required tag and that alert role when a signature error occurs.

    • The add/remove item buttons for repeatable sections can now be interacted with using enter/spacebar.

  • Introduced new Resource Centre with Pendo Feedback to submit feature requests!

  • Fixed issue where migrating forms with very large pages or pick lists may fail. 
  • Fixed an issue in Edit Rules where changing between any/all does not trigger autosave.
  • Fixed an issue observed when a rule is evaluated on repeatable radio button lists after clicking "add item". Only impacts rules that set other elements as required. 
  • Fixed issue with modifying the default value of multi-select checklists in the form editor.
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