Version 4.30 Release Notes

  • 🚀 New Feature: Introduced the ability to automatically generate Prefill links using Process Builder instead of existing APEX trigger mechanism!
    See our help guide for details. 

  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud setup helper wizard did not generate correct URLs for sandbox orgs.
  • Fixed issue where Save-for-Later would not create correct URLs when using latest version of Chrome browser because Referrer header was being blocked. 
  • Fixed issue introduced in Winter '21 that prevented NativeCloud Files from being uploaded successfully. 
  • Fixed issue where two lookup fields on an object with the same name would cause publishing to fail.
  • Fixed issues that prevented our permission sets from being assigned because certain permissions were disallowed for some user licenses in Winter '21. 
  • Fixed issue with guest site user access could not access forms with Captcha V3 introduced in Winter '21.
  • Fixed issue where radio/checkbox values were repeating multiple times in the form editor.
  • Fixed an issue where start/end with rules did not work on '(' and ')' characters. 
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