Version 4.32 Release Notes

  • 🚀 New Feature 🔥Introduced submission usage reporting in Admin Settings.
  • 🔺 Updated Admin Settings > Settings & Permissions to allow setting Trusted Sites required for NativeCloud Community forms to function properly. Please visit the setting to determine if it applies to you. 
  • 🔺Updated to the latest version of Pendo. Please note that Pendo is used to provide core product features so please whitelist * in ad blockers if you notice it is blocked.
  • Resolved an issue where hosted forms accessed over https would see an expired certificate which must be accepted before being redirected to secure url. This should no longer happen. 
  • Added Auto-save after additional interactions in the rule editor.
  • Fixed issue with general picklist and radio fields where the default value would change, or where it is not possible to set it to "--select an item–"
  • Fixed issue where the "Export Links" Prefill feature would sometimes return a blank CSV.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents PDF generation when the “+” character is present in a field.
  • Fixed issue where two signature fields on one form would cause email verification to fail to send the final PDF email.
  • Fixed an issue seen with Winter '21 release where Stripe overlay would not display in a Community form. 
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud setup Wizard would not preset the correct site URL when there is a sub-path.
  • Fixed issue where changing the values of a picklist that you are using in a payment formula would cause payment information to get lost. Picklists now trigger 'change' events when a "Set Picklist Values" rule is evaluated.
  • Fixed an issue where files were not submitted to Salesforce if the name contains '>' or '<' characters. 
  • Fixed an issue where custom Javascript was not loading in Community Builder related to Winter '21 release. 
  • Fixed an issue where saved drafts would not be deleted when discarded by the user (NativeCloud only).
  • Fixed an issue where forms cannot be submitted in Community Preview (Winter '21 release).
  • Fixed the position of the lookup popup to be centered (Winter '21 release)
  • Guest users submitting forms configured with Logged-in user context will fail. On resubmission, the 'owner' is now set to the Default Site Owner for that Community instead of the user that submitted the record. This is a change in behaviour enforced by Salesforce Winter '21 release.  
  • Removed Stash integration support. 
  • Fixed issue where some submitted files would not be attached to failed submissions that were re-submitted through the submission dashboard.



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