Version 4.38 Release Notes

  • Significant Increase of available length for email alert recipient fields in custom alerts.
  •  Fixed an issue on partially saved submissions on forms with prefill enabled. On subsequent access using Save-for-Later link, the form would not load child record data into repeatable sections if new child records were added in Salesforce after the form was initially loaded and data saved. Newly added child records now appear.
  • Updated error messaging and verification for Professional Edition orgs that use the "Prefill" feature on their forms. Auto-generated prefill link triggers and process builder cannot be used on Professional Salesforce org editions.
  • Fixed issue in Classic forms where a read-only field with a default value would be saved in an HTML-encoded format
  • Added payment support for 2-series MasterCard numbers.
  • Removed leading/trailing spaces URL parameters supplied as part of URL prefill link. This occurs when generating a link from Salesforce multipicklist values.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters in the prefill email subject field that prevents sending a dynamic Prefill URL over email.
  • Fixed issue with drawn signature fields not showing up in PDFs for non-Native Cloud customers
  • Added support in the rule engine for international-formatted date fields that were configured using this recipe.
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