Version 4.42 Release Notes

  • 🎨🖌 UI refreshed when creating a new form or updating data model!
  • Fixed an issue that allowed NativeCloud forms to be submitted before a file upload was completed. 
  • Fixed an issue with using a repeatable general field in rules where trying to hide some repeated general fields would not work when controlling field is in the repeatable section.
  • Helper button to add Sharing Rules in Admin settings panel (Sharing Rules for Community Portal Users) has been updated to add sharing rules for users with Partner Community Profile.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent guest users accessing a logged-in context form on a public page from seeing data in lookup fields they do not have access to. If this breaks a form, please make sure guest users have appropriate sharing rules and permissions to access the lookup records and List View or use an admin-context form instead.
  • Fixed an issue where page ids were not being updated in underlying XML when drafts are deleted which means they couldn't be targeted using rules. 
  • Fixed an issue where a blank field on one child record will get populated with data from a different child record in the same repeatable section when a prefilled form is loaded (NativeCloud).
  • Fixed an issue on forms that have form validation set to "On Submission" instead of "One page at a time" and have a payment field on the last page. Required payments were not being treated as required and submission was allowed. 
  • Improved appearance of save for later dialog on mobile.
  • Fixed issue where multi-select picklist options would not be selected in a PDF if the API name of the option did not match the label.
  • Fixed issue where draft child records were not retrieved when loading a saved draft on a form that has both save for later and prefill enabled.
  • Fixed issue where users could insert formulas into fields on a form and have those formulas get evaluated in submission emails.
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