Version 4.44 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud where a blank numeric field will now submit a null/blank value instead of a 0 in case of prefill and upsert enabled forms.
  • Fixed issue with attaching files and PDFs to records that are owned by a Queue or Group (NativeCloud).
  • Removed underscore character from text area default value.
  • Enabled editing on text area fields when modifying a failed submission from the submission detail page.
  • Fixed issue with merge fields failing to merge when they are only in the subject line of email templates.
  • Fixed UI glitches observed in form builder when a payment field is on the form.
  • Fixed issue with field settings in the form editor when the object name starts with certain strings like "Image".
  • Fixed issue with the right-hand side of some fields being cut off in PDFs.
  • Required fields will not be validated on submission if they are in a hidden page or a hidden section. This behaviour was previously limited only to fields hidden directly and was not applied when the section or page containing these fields is hidden. 
  • Fixed issue with setting the default value of a field when the field's label is blank.
  • Fixed issue with setting the default value of picklist fields directly from the form.
  • Fixed bug which may cause UI issue to not show objects on Object list in Form Builder.
  • Improved mobile rendering of esignature fields to prevent cutoff.
  • Fix issue for a Matrix Field when drag and drop outside of Matrix was throwing an error.
  • Fix issue in field settings where it wasn't showing correct field name.
  • Fixed issue with deleting form drafts causing page IDs to reset.
  • Fixed issue with prefill failing when attempting to prefill an unused object.
  • Form-wide PDF settings (like a custom file name) will now work with the email verification PDF.
  • Removed time fields from the list of available fields in the form editor since time fields are not currently supported.


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