Configuring Permissions For Non-Admin Users

Many customer will have one or more users working on their forms who are not Salesforce System Administrators. Because of this, those users may sometimes encounter issues where they are unable to modify or publish a form if it was created by a different user. This is because Salesforce can prevent users from modifying or deleting records if they are not the owner of those records.

When a non-admin is missing the correct permissions, they may see the following error:

Delete failed. First exception on row 0 with id a0g6g000102iGpSZAU; first error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY, insufficient access rights on object

In order for non-admin users to use the application and modify forms properly, they first need the proper packaged permission sets outlined here.

Next, an administrator will need to create an additional permission set and grant it to any user who is creating or editing forms. In this permission set, they need to grant the "Modify All" permission for the following objects from our managed package:

Alert Template
Event Log
Formstack Dashboard Info
Field Integration
Form Migration
Form Page
Form Rule
Form Style
Form Submission
Formstack User License
Payment Account
Payment Currency
Payment Field
Platform Account
Staging Submission
Submission Draft

Additional Permissions

If the non-admin user is going to be the primary Formstack user, they will also need the following  permissions. These can be found under "System Permissions" when modifying a permission set or profile.
API Enabled
Apex Rest

Finally, if the user needs to be able to re-assign user licenses within Formstack, they will need the following permissions on their Profile and not on a permission set. Because these permissions need to be assigned at the profile level, it is recommended that a Salesforce administrator still manage assigning/un-assigning users.
Profile-specific permissions
Manage Package Licenses
Assign Permission Sets



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