How to Convert Existing Forms to NativeCloud

Any forms created prior to converting your Forms for Salesforce license to NativeCloud will need to be manually converted.  This article will explain how to do that.


Prior to performing any of the steps on this article please make a copy of your form to use as a restore point if needed.

This article is designed for users who have already completed NativeCloud setup for their Formstack for Salesforce application.

Converting your Forms

Step 1) From the Formstack application Dashboard click on the duplicate form button to make a copy of your form to use a restore point.


Step 2) Click on the edit button of your form and grab the form id from your browser url.



For the easiest experience here you may choose to switch to the Classic SF Experience.

Step 3) Navigate directly to the form's template object by entering the form's id in your url (like you would if you were pulling up a specific record for any object).  This will launch the Template record view.


Step 4) In order to convert the form to NativeCloud you need to modify the Is Native and FormType fields.

  • Check the Is Native checkbox
  • Change the FormType field drop down list to NativeRegular


Step 5) Click on the form name link from the Templates related list record and perform step 4 again.


Once both template records have been modified, navigate back to the builder, trigger a change and republish the form.  After you republish the form you will notice that the hosted form URL has changed to navigate to your NativeCloud site.  

Other Considerations

Community Forms

Converting a community form is almost the same as converting a non community form (from steps 1-5 above) with the following exceptions:

  • FormType field needs to be set to NativeLightning
  • You will also need to clear any values that exist in the URL Param String field (this value will automatically regenerate the next time the form is published)

Dynamic Prefill

You will need to retrigger any Dynamic Prefill deployment that was previously configured on this form and click on the Update Existing records button to make sure that all records have the new NativeCloud urls.


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