Version 4.49 Release Notes

  • Support for adding grandchild objects that are children of child objects (non-NativeCloud only).

  • Support for adding lookup objects (parents) of child objects (non-NativeCloud only).

  • Improved experience of using Junction or junction-like objects (Master-detail, Lookups, special objects like CampaignMember) which are common in many industry-based data models (non-NativeCloud only).

  • Fixed issue where we the Related Id field in an object is being written during submission even when the object doesn’t allow access to update the field. This will improve use of Junction-type objects on prefill forms (non-NativeCloud only).

  • Ability to set a Lookup field on a form by searching millions of records in a Salesforce List View (defaults at 100,000 record limit and activated by request on Pro or NativeCloud Pro plans). Read article for more details.

  • Prevent submission when forms are set to inactive even when submitted directly to API (non-NativeCloud only).

  • Introduced the ability to search for submissions on Submission Dashboard using a Submission ID.

  • Fixed an issue where an invalid Google reCAPTCHA token did not result in an error being displayed on a Community form.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to map a deleted field on a failed submission.

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